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—Windows XP and Cybershot—

    Cyber-shotsŪ work without effort under the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Under this version, you simply plug-in your camera, wait for it to install ("Found New Hardware?Sony DSC?Disk Drive?Your New Hardware is installed and ready to use"). To find your camera (after you have determined what task to do with it, and whether or not you would like to do the same task everytime the device is installed), look under "My Computer" in a section called "Devices with Removable Storage" and you'll see "Sony MemoryStick(E:)". I tested this first under the RC1 (Professional), then on October 28, 2001 under the Corporate Release (Professional). It worked the same with both versions.

The Sony Cybershot will **NOT** work with windows XP if you upgraded from a previous version of windows. I called tech support and they told me the only way to fix the problem was to wipe my hard drive and reinstall windows XP.
-Mathew Hagerty, Cybershot Enthusiast

    It really doesn't get any easier than this. The install is simple, and the tasks after installation are very useful as well. One simple thing is the "Slideshow" which slides through every picture on your MemoryStick at full screen. I think that Sony and Microsoft did an excellent job with this one.

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