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—Sony Announces New Cyber-shots: DSC-W35, DSC-W55, DSC-S650, And DSC-S700—

The buying season may be over, but that hasn't stopped Sony from pushing out four new slightly lower-end Cyber-shots. (Well, lower-end for them, these things ain't too shabby.) The DSC-W35, DSC-W55 upgrade the W30 and W50 with 7.2 megapixel sensors and support up to 8GB Memory Stick PRO Duos; the W55 still has a 2.5-inch display (and comes in blue, pink, black, or silver) and the W35 still has a 2-incher (and comes in silver); both use Li-ion batteries. The DSC-S650 and DSC-S700 both feature 7.2 megapixel sensors, with a 2.4-inch on the S700 and a 2-inch on the S650, both with support for up to 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duos, and use AA cells. All will range between $150-$200 when launched in March.

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