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Description: The DSC-S85 started its public life (at least here on dpreview) as a rumour back on the in mid-March this year. This rumour originated with an Australia website and was soon given a little more viability by Sony Microelectronics announcement of the ICX406 4.1 megapixel CCD sensor. This CCD is the same 1/1.8" size as the previous 3.34 megapixel used on a large number of today’s 3 megapixel consumer digital cameras, thus turning a 3 megapixel into a 4 megapixel seemed like a relatively trivial task.

The DSC-S85 enters the market as the first 4 megapixel consumer level digital camera (of course we’ve all seen Olympus’s E-10), and we’re honoured to be able to bring you this review at the beginning of what seems to be the next era in resolution.**Description from DPReview


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