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Welcome to CybershotCentral, home for Cybershot Enthusiasts. This site contains information about most of the Sony Cybershot Digital Cameras and drivers for the popular Operating Systems. If you have a question about your camera or this site, you can contact me directly from the Feedback page.

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Sony Bumps Megapixel Count On Entry Level Cams - 2007/01

Sony Announces New Cyber-shots: DSC-W35, DSC-W55, DSC-S650, And DSC-S700 - 2007/01

Sony Doubles Memory Stick Pro Duo Format Capacity To 8GB - 2007/01

Sony Announces CompactFlash Cards As Hell Freezes Over - 2007/01

Sony Memory Stick Pro-HG, Up To 32 GB - 2006/12

Sandisk And Sony Develop "Memory Stick PRO-HG" Format - 2006/12

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